Riverdale Veterinary Group is a full-service veterinary hospital. We offer complete medical, surgical, dental, and grooming services. We use modern, top quality equipment and new technology to deliver the highest level of veterinary care possible.




Whether your pet requires elective or emergency surgery, our veterinarians are trained in state-of-the-art surgical techniques. All anesthetized patients are monitored with an esophageal stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and continuous electrocardiogram. All animals are placed on a safe heating pad to minimize body heat loss during surgery.


boxersurgery yorkiesurgery


Dental care is one of the most important aspects of your pet's overall health care and longevity. Routine dental care will help to maintain not only strong clean teeth and gums,
but also a healthy body and full lifespan. 85% of dental tartar is comprised of bacteria.
Over time, those bacteria will lead to bad breath, gingivitis, mouth pain, and loss of teeth. Eventually the bacteria make their way to distant organs such as the kidneys and heart.

For more information, click on these links to articles on dentisty in Cats and Dogs.



Riverdale Veterinary Group offers grooming services for dogs and cats Fridays and Saturdays. Whether it's just a bath or a full cleaning and cut, our professional groomer is ready for your individual needs.

All grooming is done in a separate room with no other animals present to help keep the environment quiet and comfortable. Please call us to make an appointment or just to meet and speak with our groomer.

Exotic Animal Care

We have a customized facility where exotic pets will receive state-of-the-art medical and surgical care. Our team approach to providing veterinary care means your pet is always able to be seen by a veterinarian experienced in the care and treatment of birds and other exotic pets. We routinely take laboratory samples, administer intravenous fluids/medications, perform surgery on and anesthetize our clients’ unusual pets. Minimizing patient stress is our priority. By offering health care for avian and exotic patients we share the goal of providing quality preventative, medical surgical and emergency care for your companions. Come and benefit from our experience.

While annual examinations are strongly recommended for all pet species, some exotics may need to be seen more often.

Birds Reptiles and Amphibians Atypical Mammals Pocket Pets
Behavioral Modification and Puppy Training


Riverdale Veterinary Group uses digital radiography, which produces the highest quality X Rays. We also utilize advanced X-ray technology, including intestinal and bladder contrast studies to best evaluate your pet's condition. Our X-ray room is enclosed in lead to protect all patients and personel.


Artificial hip [post op] Constipation Arthritis

At Riverdale Vet Group, our laboratory includes an in-house chemistry analyzer, so that blood can be collected and processed for immediate results.

Specialty Procedures

Should your pet require specialty diagnostics, these tests are done right at our premises. Board-certified veterinary specialists are called in to perform procedures such as abdominal ultrasound, chest echocardiogram, and endoscopy.

Echocardiogram Ultrasound  

Riverdale Veterinary Group has an extensive pharmacy for the treatment and prevention of animal diseases. Medicating small animals (especially cats) with pills can be challenging, and so we order a variety of drugs in liquid form from special compound pharmacies.


To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, Riverdale Veterinary Group has a completely separate isolation ward. Animals with contagious diseases can be safely hospitalized and treated here.

Immunization and Wellness Care

Our wellness program includes a comprehensive physical examination; internal parasite testing; heartworm and flea control; a vaccination program; blood panels for young, middle-aged, and geriatric patients; a spay neuter program. For those clients who wish to be involved in the decision making process about which vaccines their pet needs, we welcome an open, honest discussion of the benefits of each.


The Riverdale Vet Group offers the Home Again Microchip to all of our canine and feline patients. A safe microchip is easily injected under your pet's skin at the shoulder blades. If your pet becomes lost and ends up in the hands of a shelter, humane society, or veterinarian, he or she would be scanned and identified by the microchip. Tens of thousands of lost pets have been reunited with their owners thanks to these microchips!


For more information on this advanced lost pet recovery service and all it entails for you and you pet(s) please click on the logo above.

This will open a new window and take you to the official HomeAgain website.

Microchip next to a grain of rice Insertion procedure Scanning the microchip
Medical Boarding

Some pets have medical conditions such as kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes which require daily injections, oral medications, specialized diets, and close observation. When owners are away from home, RVG offers medical boarding at very reasonable rates.


If your pet should become too ill to be cared for at home, we offer hospitalization. All patients are carefully monitored for changes in body temperature, appetite, urination, bowel movements, activity level, and vital signs.

Animals requiring intravenous fluids to correct dehydration are placed on digital fluid pumps to safely deliver a precise rate of fluids per hour.

For the most critical patients, we have a state of the art incubator to control environmental temperature, humidity, and oxygenation.

Pain Management

At Riverdale Veterinary Group, we feel strongly about the importance of pain management for all of our animal patients. Studies have repeatedly shown that controlling pain leads to faster recovery times, less patient suffering, and fewer treatment side-effects. All of our surgical and dental patients are given pain medications.

Other Services

We offer a variety of other services, including the following:

  • Allergy testing
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Electrocardiograms
  • Emergency care
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Obedience training & behavioral counseling
  • Routine physical exam
  • Spaying/neutering

Photos by Joshua Bright 'JB'